The Bump and Beyond Project is a project where ante and post natal health education
is given to underprivileged pregnant and nursing mothers.

We also offer "Delivery With A Smile kits to help these underprivileged pregnant mothers
and teenage expectant mothers to aid in the delivery of their baby.

Each Delivery With A Smile kit costs 100 cedis, 20 USD or its equivalent.
The kits consists of;
1 Disposable Mat
Sanitary Pads
New born diapers
New born diaper clothes/ socks/hats/mittens
Baby toiletries
Cot sheets
Baby cosmetics
Breast pads

For donations, please send email to

Stop A Leak Project

We are providing sanitary pads for underprivileged teens. These teenagers use a lot of
unhygienic materials as a substitute for a sanitary pad because they cannot afford it.

For donations, please send email to

Back to School Project

We are providing school supplies to underprivileged kids. Each back pack consists of
Exercise Books
Math Sets

Each backpack is 100 cedis or 20 USD, For donations, please send email to